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"I was at the concert you gave
i loved it so much !!
i love your voice, i love the music and the musicians,
it was the best musical experience i had in years !!!"
- Thijs Bekker -

"Fantastic singer Ping
your concert, with your band, was really something.
It did touch my heart or actually my soul.
As I may told you that in my earlier years I was a jazz musician (bassplayer), but this music is really something. For me this is real soul music. it is important that the artist knows what she gives to her listeners. This is real music to hear life..
I must say that during the concert, I feel like in heaven, as I think heaven is, but when I did go home after closing the door of the Regentenkamer, I did feel empty in a cold world. What a difference. Do you know that feeling?"
- Jaco Kooij -

"Prachtige en bijzondere muziek. Het leek hier wel even zondagochtend Vrije Geluiden. Curieuze samenstelling ook met die drie snaarinstrumenten. En die mannen met verschillende achtergronden.
- Ronald van den Boogaard -

"The catch phrase might be fusion, the east- west connection, and the melting of the old in the new, these are basic aspects of the music from Ping. Most importantly however is the spirit and heart behind and throughout the music. The lyrics ring of ancient wisdom and the melodies blossom in spring jazz. Enjoy the simplicity as it humbles and inspires the listener."
- Anissa Brinkley -


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Interview met Ping:

Congratulations for the wonderful music!!!!
I love it"
- María Luisa González García-Pando -

"Dat is muziek met een eigen karakter zeg, mooi!"
- Jan Veenstra -

"We hebben erg genoten van je fijne muziek op de CD.
Echt een mooie combi van allerlei emoties en stijlen door elkaar en toch een absolute eenheid!"
- Will de Graaf -
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